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Game Designer Test

Please take your time to read the instructions below carefully!


With this test we will evaluate your knowledge about the market and game design in general. We will also evalute your creativity.


Task 1 :

  • Choose 1 theme that you think would appeal to the current hyper casual mobile games market trend

  • Create 3 hyper casual games ideas based on the theme you choose above ( core gameplay only )

  • Create a basic Game Design Document for each of the game ideas.


Task 2 :

  • Download our game “Happy Glass” on iOS or Android

  • Play and learn all the features in the game

  • Give your evaluation about the game

  • Describe a few things that you think could be improved on the game ( monetization wise and retention wise )


Please compose this test result in a document file ( word or Google docs ) and bring it during the interview!


Good luck!


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