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We Are Hiring!

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Game Artist

Responsibilities :

  • Create visual style, design and overall look for any games

  • Create character design, assets, UI/UX and environment that can be apply on game development

  • Work together with game designer and developers as part of the team

  • Create assets and creatives for marketing purpose based on the project

  • Create and visualize art concept from scratch

Requirements :

  • Versatile in creating assets in various style

  • Experienced in many design tools and softwares such as Illustrator, Photoshop, SAI, Blender ( is a plus ), Spine ( is a plus ) etc.

  • Good taste and high standards on game visuals

  • Strong ability on concepting design

  • Passion for games

  • Full time placement at Surabaya

Unity Developer

Responsibilities :

  • Implement feature/elements of a game based on the game mechanic

  • Utilize the tools needed for project completion (ex. Fabric, Hockeyapp)

  • Delivered the tasks given within the allocated timeline

  • Collaborate with game designer and game artists during development phase

Requirements :

  • Able to implement and understand OOP (Object Oriented Programming) as concept

  • Knowledgeable and skillful in using unity both 3D and 2D

  • Good problem solving and communication skill

  • Intermediate understanding in mathematics and algorithm

  • Good coding skill in C#

Game Designer

Responsibilities :

  • Research and create the concept, core mechanics and initial style for a game

  • Manage the Game Document Design ( GDD ) for the whole team

  • Defines the content for a game project

  • Work closely with artists, developers, and QA during the development

  • Monitor and analyze a game's day-to-day performance

  • Responsible for the balance on every in game aspects ( difficulty, economic, progression etc )

Requirements :

  • Advanced strategic thinking and communications skills, both verbal and written

  • Fair amount of knowledge & utilization of iOS & Android features, as well as 3rd party engines

  • Familiar with gameplay theories, mobile games and its industry in general

  • Have an idea of mobile ads ecosystem and able to process key metrics from performance analytics

  • Equipped with business development skills and the substance of product cycle

  • Acquainted with all processes involved in the production of a game

  • Have experience on designing mobile games

  • Capable of balancing complex game systems

  • Skilled at designing user interfaces and user flows

  • Skilled at using mathematical models and tools to analyze gameplay and user behavior

  • Understand the importance of well-documented designs and technical features

QA / Game Tester

Responsibilities :

  • Participate in the testing process to ensure the quality of the games

  • Create scenarios to find and reproduce bugs and glitches

  • Working through to a specific QA checklist and generate game test report

  • Work closely with the developer and game designer during the production cycle for each project

Requirements :

  • Strong interest and experience in playing video games, especially mobile games

  • Attention to details

  • Skilled in create documents and reports

  • Good communication skill both written and verbally

  • Able to handle repetitive workflow

  • Have a high endurance on playing games

Send your CV & Portfolio to

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