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  • Game Mode
    Classic Battle In Classic Battle, You need to capture atleast 2 flags to win the battle. Capture the flag by having more member of your team than the opposing team stay inside the area of the flag
  • Health and Reload
    Your tank’s health is showed by the Green Bar above your tank. Choose when to engage or to get back during battle is crucial on winning the battle. Your tank’s health will automatically replenish during time. You can only shoot ( with normal shot or attack mofidier ) when your reload bar is full. The small blue bar under the Health Bar is your Reload Bar. Each attack modifier may have different reload time depends on the skill card. Active skill that requires aiming ( using the right joystick ) will deplete your reload bar.
  • Powerups
    There are 3 powerups available during battle. Double Damage : Your normal attack ( or attack modifier ) will deal double damage Double Speed : Your tank will move two times faster than its normal speed Health replenish : Your tank will get 50% of its health back instantly. Powerups spawn on two spots in the arena. One is on the top center and one is on the bottom center. The first powerups will spawn 30 seconds after the battle start on both spots. The next powerup will spawn 30 seconds after the powerup is collected on each spot
  • What is Battle Deck?
    Battle Deck is a selection of 4 cards used in battle. Your card placement decide the order of skill that can be activated during battle. There are 3 different card type, Active, Passive and Attack Modifier. You can use any combination on your battle deck, but you can only equip 1 Attack Modifier each time. You can find the explanation of each type in the game.
  • How does the matchmaking work?
    The matchmaking system will match you against opponents at a similar level ( matchmaking rating ) as yours. The levels of the cards each player has are not taken into account in the matchmaking
  • How do I get Cards?
    You can obtain cards by opening chests. Each chest contains informations on how many cards that you will receive. You can’t choose which card that you will receive, the game will decide for you on a certain almost random based algorhytms.
  • How do I get chests?
    There are two ways to get chests from the game. You can buy them in the shop or you can get chests from winning battles. Each time you win a battle, a chest will be rewarded to you and will take one of the four chest slots. There are multiple types of chest and each one contains different amount of cards. The possibility to get a certain type of chest from winning a battle is almost random.
  • How can I upgrade my skill cards?
    To upgrade a card you need a certain amount of the same card in your card collection. When you reach a certain amount, you will be able to upgrade that skill card using coins.
  • Why do I need to upgrade my cards?
    You will have a more powerful skill based on the card that you upgraded. On the other end, upgrading cards will gain you XP points to level up your account. Higher level account will grant your tank with more base Health Point.
  • Is there a way to open a chest immediately?
    You can speed up the unlocking process of a chest by spending Gems on it. You can also get chests from the shop. All chests that bought from the shop will open immediately.
  • Is Tanky Tank free to play?
    Tanky Tank is free to download, install and play. In-game currency can be used to speed up progress, but all of the game's content can be accessed with or without it. There are also in-game offers, some of which can be bought with Gems, Coins or real money. Purchases are made through the in-game shop. For maximum security and customer protection, purchases are processed exclusively by iTunes and Google Play Games. Gems and Coins can be collected throughout the game.
  • Coins, how do I get them and how do I use them?"
    You can collect coins in different ways. But for now you can only find them in chests or buy it using your gems in the shop. You can use them mainly to upgrade your cards. In future updates you may use them to buy certain offers/deals in the shop
  • Gems, how do I get them and how do I use them?"
    Gems are the most valuable resource in the game. Use them to buy offers, chests, coins, or speed up the unlocking process of your reward chests. You can buy Gems in the shop. You can also find Gems in chests.
  • I keep losing connection, why?"
    Tanky Tank requires perfect timing and calculation to win each battle. For that you will need a stable connection. For a smooth gaming experience, make sure that you are connected to a reliable network. We recommend playing over WiFi with a good and reliable Internet service provider. You can also use a good 3G/4G connection.
  • Is there a way for me to save my progress?
    Tanky Tank uses a service called Tanky Tank ID to safeguard your game progress. Make sure that you are using it if you want to secure your game progress. Tanky Tank ID can be found in the in-game setting.
  • What is Tanky Tank ID?
    Tanky Tank ID is a service to save your progress so that you can restore your progress anytime and even use multiple devices with the same account. You can sign up with Tanky Tank ID from the in-game setting. Just tap the "Disconnected" button beside the "Save with Tanky Tank ID" text field and you're good to go. To use the same account on other device, simply connect with the same email and password.
  • Can I use multiple IDs on the same device?
    Yes, you can. After you login you have an option to switch to another account. Tap the "Connected" button beside the "Save with Tanky Tank ID" text on the in-game setting. Input the correct email and password that you wish to use. For a confirmation, 2 options will showed up. Choose the one that you wish to use and BAM it's done!
  • I lost all of my progress, is there a way to get it back?"
    There is a probability of a data lost if you uninstall Tanky Tank and didn't use Tanky Tank ID to save your progress before. In this case you can contact our support with your details below : 1. Username 2. Account level 3. Detailed explanation of how you lost your account/data We will look at the possibility on retrieving your data. Expect a 3 to 5 days respond time from our team. In any case, our best suggestion will always be to use Tanky Tank ID if you want to keep all your data and progress safe. So if you haven't, make sure to do it NOW!
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